Earthquake Safety

Earthquake "Safety Suggestions"

1. If you are indoors - stay there. Remain calm and protect yourself from falling objects by taking cover under a sturdy table, desk or in a strong doorway. If in your car pull off the road in a safe spot and remain inside the vehicle.

2. Put on heavy shoes immediately to avoid glass and other debris.

3. Check for gas, water and electrical damage. Shut off damaged utilities at the source. Check for gas leaks by smell only. Never light a match or use an electrical switch or the telephone until you are certain no gas leaks exits.

4. Check for structural damage around your home and any potential problems during aftershocks. Clean up potentially harmful materials such as spilled gasoline or bleach or broken glass.

5. Turn on your radio and listen for information and instructions from Public Safety Officials.

6. Check your food and water supply. Don't eat or drink anything in open containers near shattered glass.

7. Be prepared for aftershocks.

8. Check the utilities of neighbours who are not home.

These suggestions I have adopted is from information received from the Canadian Red Cross and other various resources. I hope you find these suggestions helpful and informative.